How does procrastination relate to health care?

Procrastination is a fancy word that means putting off doing something until some time in the future.  Crastinus: Latin for belonging to tomorrow. Pro: meaning forward. The two parts combined mean deferred until the morning. Instead of just writing about procrastination in health care I procrastinated by looking up the etymology of the word. Procrastination is seductive and easy.

Many people take a wait and see approach instead of seeking care for their problems. There are a multitude of particularly good reasons to put off until tomorrow what bothers us today. It takes too much time, it is a hassle, doctors won’t listen to what I say, it will get better on its own, the professionals have patients with bigger problems, there is a global pandemic afflicting our community.

My grandmother was an example of this approach and it cost her dearly. Instead of having regular care with any practitioner she avoided healthcare in general like the plague. By the time her family insisted she see a doctor the cancer had spread to most of her body and there was little that could be done. I never knew her.

My most common excuse is I don’t have time. I realize now that time isn’t something you have it is something you make.  It takes energy to make time. It takes energy to take proper care of yourself. Procrastinating on your health doesn’t work out well for anyone. Chiropractors can help just by keeping you aware of your body and making sure you are listening to it.

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